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Dress Shirt Laundry Service

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Whether you need a shirt dry cleaned or 1,000 tablecloths laundered each week, Complete Workwear is set up to deliver laundry services tailored to your needs. With a fully-integrated collection and drop-off service, our team work from 7 to 7 Monday to Friday. 8 to 6 on Saturday, with the flexibility to fulfil one-off projects or deliver large, complex laundry processes week after week.

Dress Shirt Laundry

The perfect shirt.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail, our laundry service takes pride in providing the highest quality care for your dress shirts. We understand the importance of a fine finish and a wrinkle-free look. Every shirt we launder undergoes meticulous treatment to ensure it is the best it can be. Our dedication to precision and craftsmanship means that our shirts approach perfection. Experience the exceptional quality and attention to detail of our dress shirt laundry service today.

Dress Shirt Laundry Service

Professional Service

We value your preferences, including your starch preferences for dress shirts. When you entrust us with your shirts, we ensure they come back to you clean, pressed, and neatly hung on hangers. Our goal is to save you time and help you look your best effortlessly. With our efficient service, you can step out the door quickly and confidently, knowing your shirts are in top-notch condition. Experience the convenience and impeccable results of our dress shirt care today.

One Pickup – Three Services

In addition to bedding and linen cleaning, we offer expert dry cleaning and wash & fold laundry – speed, convenience, and quality.*

Two Steps to Get Started:

For your first pickup:

  1. Click here or call to schedule a pickup.
  2. Bag your laundry, dry cleaning, and dress shirts:

Use trash bags or pillow cases for your first pickup…

  • Wash & Fold laundry •
  • Dry Cleaning/Dress Shirts(bag separately from Wash & Fold)

Label your bags accordingly (Your order will be returned with color-coded bags making this unneccessary for your future pickups.)

Gone Today, Back Tomorrow!

Your trips to the store-front dry cleaners may help you get out more, but they don’t get your bedding and linen back faster than we can. One-day turn-around is our standard – click or call by 8 am for a same day pickup and next day delivery (business days, Monday – Friday).**
There’s no need to be at home for pickups or deliveries. We’ll return your dry cleaning/dress shirts on hangers with our heavy-weight Nours Cleaners bag that you can use for your future pickups. *
Please bag and label your bag “dry cleaning/dress shirt laundry” (we’ll sort it out); separately bag and label your “wash & fold laundry”. ** On an infrequent basis an order may require an extra day to process (e.g., for stains, some household items such as comforters, etc.); please allow extra time for these items. Service days vary by pickup location. Click here for your area.

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